Key Benefits


Get instant updates on cryptocurrency prices, market trends, and trading volumes. ChainGlim’s advanced algorithms keep you constantly informed with the latest data.



Dive deep into detailed analytics for platforms like Raydium, Pumpfun,, and Basejump. Our intuitive dashboards help you make informed decisions.



Access insider information and market insights available only to ChainGlim token and NFT holders. Stay ahead with our premium content.



Earn rewards by participating in the ChainGlim community. Our incentive programs for early adopters and active users enhance your crypto experience.


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Coin Launch Links

How ChainGlim Works

  • 1 Join Our Discord Server: To access our monitors, you need to join our Discord server where all our services are centralized.
  • 2 Hold Our Tokens or NFTs: Gain access to specific platform monitors by holding our tokens on, Basejump, or, or hold our NFTs for full access.
  • 3 Access Platform-Specific Monitors: Depending on your holdings, you'll get access to real-time monitoring tools for Raydium, Pumpfun,, Basejump, and more.
  • 4 Exclusive NFT-Only Monitors: Enjoy additional exclusive monitoring tools that are only accessible to NFT holders, providing enhanced insights and advantages.
  • 5 Stay Updated and Engage: Participate in our community discussions, get real-time updates, and leverage our comprehensive monitoring tools to stay ahead in the crypto market.

Why We Launched on Multiple Presale Exchanges

Why We Launched on Multiple Presale Exchanges

At ChainGlim, we understand that not everyone can afford an NFT. To ensure our monitoring tools are accessible to a wider audience, we launched our token on multiple presale exchanges, including, Basejump, and This allows users to access our platform-specific monitors by simply holding our token on the corresponding platform.

Platform-Specific Token Access Monitors: Hold our token on to access these monitors. Basejump Monitors: Hold our token on Basejump for access. Monitors: Access the monitors by holding our token on

NFT Holders Get Full Access

If you hold our NFT, you'll gain access to all channel monitors across all platforms. This includes exclusive monitors that are only accessible to NFT holders, providing a comprehensive suite of tools and insights not available through token holdings alone.

Exclusive NFT-Only Monitors

Note that some monitors are exclusively accessible to NFT holders. Holding our tokens on, Basejump, or won't grant access to these exclusive features, emphasizing the added value of our NFTs.

Rewards for Early Adopters

In Phase 2 of our roadmap, since we first launched our token on, we will reward our early adopters from with special benefits. Holders who do not sell their tokens until we list on Uniswap will be whitelisted first for NFT passes and will receive up to a 70% discount based on the Tiered Discount System. This system will be based on Holding Duration and Holding Amount, details of which will be announced soon.

Tradable NFT Passes

These NFT passes will be tradable on Tensor and Magiceden, adding a layer of value and flexibility for our community. This initiative ensures that our loyal supporters are rewarded and have the opportunity to benefit from our expanding ecosystem.

At ChainGlim, we illuminate your crypto journey with real-time insights. img Our platform seamlessly integrates with top crypto projects, img constantly analyzing markets to provide unparalleled tracking and analysis.

Our Roadmap


Initial Launch and Platform Expansion

  • Token Launch on Successfully launched our first token, granting early holders full access to all monitoring tools and services.
  • Discord Server Activation: Set up and activated our Discord server with initial monitors for Pumpfun and
  • Alpha/Premium Group Monitors: Introduce exclusive access to top alpha and premium groups, leveraging my paid subscriptions to over 10 elite alpha callers.
  • Raydium Monitors: Develop comprehensive tracking and analysis tools for the Raydium platform.
  • Pumpfun Monitors: Enhance in-depth monitoring services for
  • Monitors: Expand real-time tracking and updates for
  • Basejump Monitors: Implement advanced monitoring capabilities for Basejump.
  • Pending Snipers Monitors: Launch advanced pending transaction monitoring to snipe opportunities.


Access and Benefits

  • Token-Based Access: Provide platform-specific monitors exclusively to holders of respective platform tokens (e.g., tokens for Monitors).
  • NFT-Based Access: Grant access to premium group monitors, alpha groups, pending snipers, and more to holders of ChainGlim NFTs.
  • Early Adopter Benefits: Ensure early token holders from our launch have comprehensive access to all monitors, offering a significant advantage in the crypto market.


Community Growth

  • Discord Community Engagement: Enhance community interaction and support through our Discord server.
  • Feedback and Iteration: Gather feedback from early adopters to continuously improve and expand our services.
  • Marketing and Outreach: Promote ChainGlim through various channels to attract new users and expand our community.


Future Innovations

  • Multi-Blockchain Support: Expand monitoring tools and services to support multiple blockchains.
  • New Platform Integrations: Continuously integrate new cryptocurrency platforms and tools based on community demand and market trends.
  • Advanced Analytics: Develop and offer advanced analytics and insights to help users make informed decisions.
  • Development of Sniper Tools and New Software: Create innovative sniper tools and new software to enhance our monitoring and tracking capabilities.
  • Telegram Release: After finalizing our monitoring tools on Discord, we will release them on Telegram to provide our community with flexible access to our services across multiple platforms.

Join the ChainGlim Airdrop Event

Don’t miss this opportunity to be a part of our growing community and enjoy exclusive benefits.

Upcoming Contests

We are excited to announce that we will be hosting several contests soon:

  • Referral Contests: Invite your friends to join ChainGlim discord server and earn rewards for each successful referral.
  • Most Posts in Discord Success Channel: Participate actively in our Discord success channel and stand a chance to win tokens.
  • And More: Stay tuned for additional contests and events where you can win more airdrops.